Wine traditions are a red thread throughout the history of Moldova. They bring together generations of people who are in love with winemaking.
The traditions of the Cristi’s family go back deep into the shadow of centuries, and today we, their descendants, decided to revive them and give the opportunity to enjoy true Moldovan wines to all connoisseurs of this noble drink.

The wines created following ancient traditions of Vladimir Cristi were respected and highly appreciated by the Russian royal court almost two centuries ago. That is why, today, Chateau Cristi honoring its secular history and putting quality above all continues to conquer all the continents of the globe.

Wine Range

Discover Chateau Cristi: Exceptional Wines for Memorable Moments. Cheers to Joyful Tastes!

Chateau Cristi Premium Range

Wines produced from selected raw materials, harvested only by hand and limited to 6 tons per ha.

All wines of this range are aged in oak barrels for 6-12 months.

Chateau Cristi Politika

Politika wines is for those people who are free of any ideology and  those who decide to live a life filled with pleasure rather than demagogy, populism and circus.

This is the retail range – young, affordable, fruity wines targeted to a wide segment of consumers.